UNIX for PDP-11: moving on to media

Johnny Billquist bqt at minsk.docs.uu.se
Sun Sep 14 04:22:21 AEST 1997

><For my 11/34A with 2 RL01 I made with an emulator a bootable V7-RL01-diskim
><I downloaded it under RT-11 with KSERVE from John Wilson (dunno where I
><ftped it) over a serial line onto the second disk. It took some hours,
><but it worked.
>How did you write it to the RL01 and what would it take to write it to rl02
>assuming rt/kserve.  Did you use guarenteed no bad block media?

Most RL02 are pretty good. Usually they don't have any bad spots in my


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