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><Unix was just a small hack inspired by Multics, and looking at contemporar
><operating systems, I'd say there were some that were way ahead of Unix (an
><still are...)
>yes, but as hacks go it was more public in code than other OSs of value in 
>that time frame.  I'm not saying was the best.  Also I've never used 
>multics.  My experience in chronological order is OS/8, TOPS-10, CP/M-80,
>NS*dos<z80>, RT-11, RSTS, RSX-11, VMS, Ultrix.  So those are what I have to 
>look at when thinking in terms of 1970s OSs like Unix of the time.

Oh, certainly, the source was available. I would say that that, along
with the fact that you got it for free, were the only two reasons for
its rise to fame.

If you compare Unix with the systems you mention above, most of the
DEC stuff have had some stuff since the '70s that Unix only got in the
90s... (Shared libraries and microkernels for instance.)

><Operating systems in the last twenty years have really retro-developed. :-
>If you mean what I think the answer is not here.  If anything my view is 
>more of when will dos/winders perform as well as some of those OSs of the 
>time.  Then again, I had VMS4.6 running decwindows and four users on a 
>microvaxII with 9meg and 3 RD53s in 1989.

What I meant was that development have gone backwards with regards to
operating systems in the last twenty years. :-)
Who knows how many things Microsoft has reinvented in the last few
years, and Unix hasn't been much better either...

(Okay, so this is the list for Unixes on the PDP-11, so I'll defend
that particualr Unix. It's still clean and mean, which was the purpose
of the design, and not the overbloated monster called Unix


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