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<From: Johnny Billquist  <bqt at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE>

<Oh, certainly, the source was available. I would say that that, along
<with the fact that you got it for free, were the only two reasons for
<its rise to fame.

Th paraphrase Lions, It's one we can look at the dirty parts of and the good 
ones too.  Yes it has warts and we can see them for what they are, 
engineering compromizes of the time.

<If you compare Unix with the systems you mention above, most of the
<DEC stuff have had some stuff since the '70s that Unix only got in the
<90s... (Shared libraries and microkernels for instance.)

It begs the question of what is required and what si nice to have?

<What I meant was that development have gone backwards with regards to
<operating systems in the last twenty years. :-)

Yes. Very unfortunate too.  Good design is far more rare.

<(Okay, so this is the list for Unixes on the PDP-11, so I'll defend
<that particualr Unix. It's still clean and mean, which was the purpose
<of the design, and not the overbloated monster called Unix

Somehow I find that to be the central point.  I apply the same rule to CP/M 
for z80s.  

Fully thing there is a groups doing an embedded linux kernal (ELKS) and 
they act like doing it on a 16bit machine is majik and something like a
z80 means far to stripped to be of use. Seems they missed the point.


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