Old PDP-11 UNIX Paper Docs?

pnt103 at ugrad.cs.york.ac.uk pnt103 at ugrad.cs.york.ac.uk
Sun Sep 14 02:51:15 AEST 1997

Re Heriot-Watt stripped-down 7th Edition...

Warren wrote:
> Anybody in the UK able to read Pete's tape? Pete, can you kermit the files
> off those RL02s?

I did once attempt to read the tape on our department's Kenedy drive
(now disposed of) and managed to get all but a few blocks near the
beginning.  It seems to be a pretty standard distribution tape, with a
layout as described in the Unix Programmer's Manual Vol.2 (Jan.1979).

I have a 1600bpi copy (modulo the bad blocks) somewhere (I wonder where
I put it?).  I wouldn't bother about making another copy; if anyone
deparately wants to try, I guess I might loan the original.  But AFAIK
there's only a couple of Makefiles that differ, and I have those on the

I don't have any version of kermit that will run under 7th Edition on
an 11/23 (the normal versions are too big), but text files are perfectly
easy to copy.


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