Old PDP-11 UNIX Paper Docs?

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.oz.au
Fri Sep 12 09:13:31 AEST 1997

In article by pnt103 at ugrad.cs.york.ac.uk:
> Warren wrote:
> > I've got some AUUG newsletters ... One of them mentions
> > a `Heriot-Watt stripped down 7th Edition',
> If this is the version I have, which not only came from HWU, but is
> running on one of their old machines, it's fairly standard.  It was
> build for a 'small machine', meaning one without separate I&D space,
> such as an 11/34 (mine's on an 11/23 with 128KW and RL02s).  There
> are some extra drivers to support RX02s and stuff, but I think these
> are just well-known additions from sources such as Boston.  There's a
> makefile to configure and build for a small machine.
> It's missing some of the larger pieces of software, such as troff (nroff
> is there, and the troff source AFAIR) and Fortran, and the tty driver is 
> modified (bigger!), but most other things seem to be 'normal'.  
> I have the source on 800bpi magtape (pity my drive is only 1600bpi) and
> also most of it on RL02, though the RL02s are a bit disorganised.
> Pete

Anybody in the UK able to read Pete's tape? Pete, can you kermit the files
off those RL02s?


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