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	[ The following email came from Steven Schultz, but didn't make
	  it into the PUPS mail list as it was too big! I've extracted
	  the included PostScript file and put it on the PUPS web page.

Greetings -

> = "David C. Jenner" <djenner at>
> occurred to me as I drool in anticipation over the possibility of
> running 2.11BSD on an 11/73!

	It is a lot of fun - well worth drooling over ;-)

> Maybe you or a 2.11BSD expert (Steve Schultz?) could find the "release

	You rang? ;)

> notes" for 2.11BSD and post them, if that's legal now.  That would

	Hmmm, the Install/Setup docs have the old style BSD copyright notice
	on them ("subject to the terms of your BSD license") rather than the
	later "do what you want but leave our credits present".  I suppose it
	wouldn't be too risky to post the formatted documentation (rather than
	the raw nroff source).  It is quite large (I hope Postscript is
	acceptable to everyone) but gzip'd it should be of reasonable size. 

[ It's now at	   - Warren ]

> It will be great to have everything on a CD-ROM, but that probably won't
> help a majority of users bootstrap up a system, since most won't have a
> CD-ROM or maybe even no operating system to start with.  We are going to
> have to find someone(s) who is (are) willing to make up a standard
> distribution tape (9-track or otherwise) or floppies (is that
> possible?).  This could really be the biggest hurdle to getting a system

	For quite a while it didn't occur to me what all the fuss was 
	about.  I assumed that folks would do what I do - put the CD into
	a BSD/OS|FreeBSD|Linux|usw box and write the images out to a 4mm
	or 9-track and then cable the tape drive up to the PDP-11 and proceed.

	It finally dawned on me that most folks won't have invested in
	a Qbus SCSI adaptor (it's really a VERY handy thing to have, makes
	possible sharing of tape drives, using inexpensive new disks instead
	of old slow RD5{3,4} drives, etc).

	For _some_ folks (those a bit more "serious") getting a SCSI adaptor
	would be a "good thing".  They're cheaper now than they used to be
	(I about choked when a new Emulex UC08 was $1500 - and that's with
	a 30% discount - but went ahead with it back in 1991 and have never
	regretted it).  A used UC08 (or similar CMD product) is from
	what I have seen about $900 today.  A TAPE ONLY CMD adaptor is "just"
	$300 - that's not too bad, is it?   Since in many cases the systems
	have been obtained free (or cheaply) as they were being tossed out
	and it is beginning to look like the software will be almost free
	($100 or so isn't a whole lot of money) perhaps investing some money 
	into the hobby in the form of a SCSI adaptor would be a wise choice (at
	least for some folks).  Everything can't be free all the time, can it?

	DEC used to make a SCSI adaptor (RQZX1) and a TZ30 (SCSI variant of 
	the TK50) but I have no idea how available those are on the used
	parts market these days.

	Other folks I would hope could find a Vax (or similar) system around 
	with a TK50 or whatever and perhaps write the images to tape that way.

	You don't want floppies ;)  RX50 floppy media is expensive and
	only holds 800kb per diskette (not to mention that RX50 drives are
	flakey).  RX33s can get 1.2mb per disk but the Teac model of 5.25" drive
	that can be adapted to the RQDX3 controller is getting _scare_ and
	newer models (from what I understand) can not be adapted for use
	with RQDX3 controller.   I suppose a person could get an RX23 or RX26
	from DEC but heaven knows what that would cost.

	Besides which a complete 2.11 kit would take somewhere between 80  and
	100 floppies (depending on how full each one could be packed).

	TK25s are another possibility but I don't know how many folks have
	(or want) one of those - they're rather awkward physically and while
	they use DC600A tapes aren't interchangeable with any other system.

	9-track tape was the traditional distribution mechanism for 2BSD up
	until 2.10.1BSD at which time TK50s (TMSCP) support was added.   The
	kit was 2 tapes at 1600bpi but the system has grown enough that a
	3rd tape might be required today.  At 6250bpi everything fits quite
	nicely on a single tape (might be a bit tight at 3200bpi though).

	Attached below is the Setup/Installation document from 2.11BSD
	(last revised in June 1995).  It is a gzip'd postscript file uuencoded
	for safe transit thru the mail.

[ It's now at	   - Warren ]

	Steven Schultz

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