Setup Instructions for 2.11BSD

David C. Jenner djenner at
Mon Sep 15 23:30:22 AEST 1997

It occurred to me that adding another peripheral was an option.  That's
why I asked the experts!

Steven Schultz said:

>         For _some_ folks (those a bit more "serious") getting a SCSI adaptor
>         would be a "good thing".  They're cheaper now than they used to be
>         (I about choked when a new Emulex UC08 was $1500 - and that's with
>         a 30% discount - but went ahead with it back in 1991 and have never
>         regretted it).  A used UC08 (or similar CMD product) is from
>         what I have seen about $900 today.  A TAPE ONLY CMD adaptor is "just"
>         $300 - that's not too bad, is it?   Since in many cases the systems
>         have been obtained free (or cheaply) as they were being tossed out
>         and it is beginning to look like the software will be almost free
>         ($100 or so isn't a whole lot of money) perhaps investing some money
>         into the hobby in the form of a SCSI adaptor would be a wise choice (at
>         least for some folks).  Everything can't be free all the time, can it?
>         DEC used to make a SCSI adaptor (RQZX1) and a TZ30 (SCSI variant of
>         the TK50) but I have no idea how available those are on the used
>         parts market these days.

Can someone qualify exactly which controllers (or class of controllers)
would work here?  And which tape drives?  By the time you add up a
controller and a drive, it could approach $1000, though.  And the drive
must be supported on your other (Linux) system.

>         TK25s are another possibility but I don't know how many folks have
>         (or want) one of those - they're rather awkward physically and while
>         they use DC600A tapes aren't interchangeable with any other system.

I have one of these, although it has been flakey as of late.  Is anyone
prepared to make up (bootable) 2.11BSD tapes on TK25 cartridges?

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