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Michael Sokolov msokolov at blackwidow.SOML.CWRU.Edu
Sat Aug 1 03:40:22 AEST 1998

Neil Johnson <neil at skatter.usask.ca> wrote:
> I also suspect that most participants in the mailing list are 
> using PDP11 computers.

My office is full of VAXen, but I don't envision a PDP-11 coming in any time

> If
> other people do feel the PDP11 part of the name excludes them
> perhaps a name change would be appropriate.

Yes. Keep in mind that starting with 32V and 3BSD all cool and exciting
development of True UNIX we're talking about here has been on VAXen, NOT on
PDP-11s. Also almost all versions of VAX UNIX (I feel that 4.2BSD+ qualifies as
"almost all") are networking, while PDP-11 UNIX (OK, with the exception of
2.11BSD) is not. You can't seriously expect a UNIXed PDP-11 do what people
would normally expect a UNIX box to do. You CAN do this with a VAX (I'm the
living proof). So, that "PDP-11" stuck in there is very insulting, implicitly
suggesting that anyone who actually runs UNIX(R) in full production for
thousands of users, rather than just "preserves" it, is an outcast. The same
for the word "Preservation". Why not call it Proper UNIX Patriot Society?

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