OUPS (was: PUPS and BUPS (burp!) thoughts.....)

Neil Johnson neil at skatter.usask.ca
Sat Aug 1 02:47:07 AEST 1998

I agree with the idea of one list, but prefer the original
PDP11 Unix Preservation Society. My interest is mainly PDP11 
and Unix, which the name suggests. Linked together the names also
provide an indication of the historical nature of the systems being 
used. I think anyone with an interest in only one of the two aspects
should be welcome in the group, and I am interested in their 
questions or comments about their system. 

I also suspect that most participants in the mailing list are 
using PDP11 computers. If I didn't have an 11, but was still
using a Model 16 from Radio Shack I personally would not feel
unwelcome in this group with the original name retained. If 
other people do feel the PDP11 part of the name excludes them
perhaps a name change would be appropriate.


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