The Unix Society

Warren Toomey wkt at
Sun Aug 2 21:18:34 AEST 1998

Hmm. Looks like we need a larger umbrella group which caters for the
preservation, use and development of all Unix varieties past and present.
I nominate the name   The Unix Society

Such a society could have chapters which focus on particular things like
Vax Unixes, PDP-11 Unixes etc., but share common high-level goals.

While I disagree with Michael's idea of total world domination by Vaxen :-),
I believe such a society will be composed of a multitude of different beliefs,
ideas, sub-goals and drives. So please bear this in mind when mailing to the
mailing list!!!

My main sub-goal is to provide a home for the PDP-11 stuff. I don't yet
have the disk space for all the other Unix platforms. Mail yesterday from
Kirk McKusick says that the 4-CD BSD set should be ready within a matter of

Comments on the suggestion of `The Unix Society' as a name? I'm avoiding
using UNIX as it's a trademark, and it's an adjective.


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