Thoughts on vaxen....

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Mon Aug 3 01:42:14 AEST 1998

* User Rdkeys Robert D Keys wrote:

> What should one look for in a VAX?

At least over here, the vax that `everyone' had was an 11/750, which
is one reasonably-sized-but-very-heavy cabinet, with the CPU &c, and
usually tape & disk in one or more other boxes.  These things run 4.2
& 4.3 (and earlier I'm sure), and are a bit more tractable than the
11/780 (but slower).  I'd guess that these things should be still
available in large numbers, but maybe they've all been scrapped by
now.  There are many faster & smaller ones, but I always figured that
the 750 & 780 were the most proper vaxen...


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