OUPS (was: PUPS and BUPS (burp!) thoughts.....)

User Rdkeys Robert D. Keys rdkeys at seedlab1.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Sat Aug 1 08:53:31 AEST 1998

> On Wednesday, 29 July 1998 at 11:03:47 -0400, User Rdkeys Robert D. Keys wrote:
> >> BUPS stands for BIG UNIX Preservation Society. I'm sure they will come
> >> up with a better name :-)
> >
> > PUPS, BUPS, burp!  Sounds fine!
> Are we really so many disparate people that we need two lists?  I'd
> guess that most people would be on both lists.  How about just a name
> change, to "Old UNIX Preservation Society"?
> Greg

No, and my original thought was to fold it all under PUPS, but, I sense
that Warren was not wanting to do that.

For heaven's sakes, let us roll with the flow, and do what is best for
all aboard.  If that is one list, fine.... or two lists, fine.
It was just a thought.....

I would just like to see other orphan unices included in the philosophy
behind PUPS, before they go vaporware, forever.

How it gets there is unimportant, and for sure we don't want any politics
or bent feelers involved.

It is more important that we get it done, however it happens to get there.

Bob Keys

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