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Mon Aug 3 13:31:14 AEST 1998

   Greg Lehey <grog at> writes:
> OK.  The current SCO license is limited specifically to 16 bis
> systems.
   You still don't get it. WRONG!
   Quoting from the license text:
> The SOURCE CODE PRODUCTS to which SCO grants rights under this
> Agreement are restricted to the following UNIX Operating Systems,
> including SUCCESSOR OPERATING SYSTEMs, that operate on the 16-Bit
> PDP-11 CPU and early versions of the 32-Bit UNIX Operating System
> with specific exclusion of UNIX System V and successor operating
> systems:
> 16-Bit  UNIX Editions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
> 32-bit  32V
   Do you get it know? Probably not. Oh well.
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