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On Sun, Aug 02, 1998 at 11:31:14PM -0400, Michael Sokolov wrote:
>    Do you get it know? Probably not. Oh well.

Last time I met Greg he was still able to read, although he needs glasses already.
I think that his glasses actually do a very good job since he was figuring that
the license explicitely blocks access to System V and friends (Please read your own
email again).

The thing is that there are people out there who really enjoy the PDP-11 as a smart
machine. Those people presumably have written code for this machine in assembler.
Another group of people is interested in the early roots of unix. The PDP-11 in
that case serves as a host for this interest. But the historic interest does not
stop at the hardware of the PDP-11, it is rather an interest in the full life cycle
of the OS. 32V, while important, is really a hack rather than a 32bit port of the
UNIX or BSD operating system. Those people who make statements about 32bit UNIX not
being available are very likely aware of this fact, either because they where there
at the time this happend, or, like myself, have devoured every interesting UNIX book
around and have also come across Peter H. Salus' A quater century of UNIX. You might
find it interesting to read, too.

With respect to PUPS I do understand that we are interested in the history of UNIX
and that the term Warren coined fits exactly our idea. There is nothing wrong with
renaming PUPS but leave the email alias as it is. Those interested in the history
of the society (we are getting recursive on history by now) can read on the Web Page
that we originally dealt with the Preservation of the PDP-11 UNIX only.

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