Old Unix Preservation -- How to save the SysV varients

Kees Stravers pb0aia at iaehv.nl
Thu Aug 6 09:46:20 AEST 1998

pechter at shell.monmouth.com said on Thu, 6 Aug 1998 00:08:07 +0200 (CEST)
 pe>One thing about preserving the Unix varients.  There's a number of
 pe>interesting (lesser known) versions with features that may be
 pe>interesting to study.  This may be because of my history major
 pe>background -- or that I spent too many years in Field Service for
 pe>far too many vendors of these boxes.
 pe>One example is Masscomp/Concurrent's early RTU which had dual
 pe>universes (SysIII-SysV/BSD libraries), DEC-like ASTs and real-time
 pe>processes. Concurrent (originally  Interdata, Perkin-Elmer) also
 pe>had a very nice non virtual memory SysVRel2 called Xelos as well as
 pe>Edition VII.

 8< snip >8

Do you have any hardware documentation left on the Masscomps?
I have a 5700 here in the basement and a stack of floppies that
should be the install set for RTU 5.0, but the hard disk, a
Fujitsu Eagle, is dead. There is no information on the machine to
be found on the net at all and the newsgroup has been dead for years.
I'd put up a page on the machine myself if I knew something worth
telling about it. I don't have any hardware manuals, only a very 
incomplete set on the OS. 
Can I mount any SMD drive in the machine and tell the install about 
the geometry or do I also have to tell the controller? How do I
copy the disks? Can Teledisk duplicate them? (I once saw that it said it
copied the disk successfully, but the target machine couldn't read it.)



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