Rick Copeland rickgc at calweb.com
Fri Aug 14 09:03:04 AEST 1998

Dear List,

I am trying to work with a PDP 1103 that has been removed from a Vax
11/785.  The goal is to be able to write RX01's with the required boot
blocks required by NetBSD Vax to boot the 11/785. I figured that since I
had several of these 1103's that I could set one up specifically to write
RX01's by running some kind of operating system on one that would talk to
one of my other machines(Sun 3/80 running NetBSD, Sparc 2 running Solarus
2.51, Vax 3600 running NetBSD, i86's running FreeBSD, NetBSD, Windows 95)
via rs232 or what ever.

Anyone got any ideas how I might do this?


Rick Copeland
Information Systems Manager
InterMag, Inc.
(916) 568-6744 x36

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