I'm still alive...

Mike Michael Sokolov gq696 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Wed Aug 12 09:39:57 AEST 1998

   Dear TUHS members,
   Sorry for my sudden disappearance. There was nothing I could do about
it. I am off-campus since 3-AUG-1998 and some time last week my machine
(blackwidow) stopped responding to ping. I have also been away from
computers in general until yesterday. If everything works out OK, I should
be able to come back to campus and get my machine back up the coming
Monday, 17-AUG-1998.
   For now I'm using my ancient Cleveland Free-Net account for mail. The
address is in my signature. It's screwed up in a number of ways, starting
with the funny way my name is written, but that's all I have for now. I
originally wanted to follow the PUPS/TUHS list via the WWW archive, but it
appears to be updated in a digest-like fashion (the normal practice for
Majordomo), so that probably won't work out well. Warren, would you please
add my temporary address to the list?
   From what I can see in the WWW archive (right now goes up to 5-AUG-1998
morning), the decision as to the future of the society has already been
made. Oh well. Warren, as far as a WWW page or something describing my VAX
UNIX work goes, a little later, OK?
   Michael Sokolov
   Cellular Phone: 216-217-2579
   *TEMPORARY* ARPA Internet SMTP mail: gq696 at cleveland.freenet.edu

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