First Release of Virt Tape Software

Warren Toomey wkt at
Mon Feb 2 13:44:29 AEST 1998

	Ok, the alpha-cut of the virtual tape drive for installing 7th
Edition UNIX onto PDP-11s is available at

It works for RK05s, but I'm getting a `panic: iinit' error for RL02s.
This indicates a bad kernel build for the RL02s, something I have to work on.
I cannot test the software for RP03/04/05/06 disks, but this should be
vanilla V7 and should work with no problems.

A couple of people emailed me and said that they would rather get 2.11BSD
(again on a PDP-11 with no tape drive). Steven, would you be prepared to
add support for the virtual tape drive into 2.11BSD? Only the boot/install
code would need to change.

Would anyone with RL02s & experience with V7 kernels help me fix the
RL02 problems?!!

Cheers all,


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