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Did I send this PDP message on to the list?

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Hi PDP lovers!

My name is Lars Persson and I live in the south of Sweden.

I am collecting various flavors of PDP11 systems. Mainly Q-bus based ones.
Currently I have one system up running UNIX, namely an 11/23 with IDRIS.
IDRIS is roughly V6-ish, btw.
I also have in my collection a PDP11/73 with BSD 2.11 but this system is
currently suffereing from a defective boot sector on its RD54 and my TK25
has burned to cinders.. Can anybody help?

Other more or less workable systems are: 11/34, 11/03, 11/23s-/23PLUS, 
11/53, PRO-350, VT103 (the VT100 with a built in Qbus for LSI PDPs)
and also several VAXen (uVAX II, 11/730 and various VAX-stations).

In my collection I also have much litterature, manuals and engineering
drawings of PDP11s, spares, RL02 diskpacks, RK05 diskpacks, RX01/02 
floppies and much more. Happy to help anybody who needs it.

I have been fiddling with PDP11 computers for a considerable number
of years and I have also worked with UNIX and networking for a long long 
time. =)

/Lars Persson, HARLOSA Computer Center
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