V7 on a PDP-11/23+

Bob Lash bob at wbs.net
Wed Feb 18 17:06:47 AEST 1998

I wanted to express my gratitude to PUPS, and especially PUPS member Bob
Armstrong, who transferred a copy of Seventh Edition UNIX onto an RL02
pack which worked immediately on my PDP-11/23+ ! :)

Below is a copy of booting instructions that Bob provided for the 11/23+. 
These worked exactly as billed.

If anyone needs some spare RL02 incandescent bulbs, I have a few on hand. 
Also, they are still availabe from Digikey at http://www.digikey.com. The 
part is a "CM 73" bulb, which is a T1 3/4 14V wedge base type.

Best wishes,

Bob Lash
bob at wbs.net

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Date: Mon, 9 Feb 98 21:06:31 PST
From: Bob Armstrong <bob at poco-adagio.santa-clara.ca.us>
To: bob at wbs.net
Subject: RE: V7 on a PDP-11/23+

Here are the instructions for booting System 7, just in case I forget
to tell you tomorrow:

  1) Be sure your terminal is set to 7 bits, even parity.

  2) Mount the pack, spin it up and hardware boot.  The unix boot program
will print an "@" almost immediately.  [This is really annoying, because
the 11/23 ODT also prompts with "@", so unless you expect this you'll think
that the machine has crashed!]

  3) Type "unix" and RETURN.  This is the kernel name, and when you are able
to build your own kernels you can type a different name.  If you make
any typos you'll have to reboot.  The boot pretends that you can try again
if you make a mistake, but don't believe it!

  3) Unix will say "mem = ..." and then "SINGLE USER LOGIN:".  Enter ^Z (not
^D!) to start time sharing.

  4) It will prompt for the date and time.  Note that the date doesn't give
you the opportunity to enter a year - the system will think it's 1997 until
you figure out how to change this (you didn't know that there'd be homework,
did you :-)

  5) You'll get a "login:" prompt.  The password to root is "pdp".

  6) You're on your own.  Have fun!

  Two more tips: if you aren't sure your hardware works, I recommend you
try your first boot with the pack write locked.  Unix will panic right
after it says "mem=..." with a write locked swap, but at least this way
you won't risk corrupting your pack until you're reasonably sure the
hardware works.

  Don't ever shut down the system without doing a couple of syncs first.
This is unix, after all, and you'll eventually trash your file system if
you shut down without syncing.


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