V7 on a PDP-11/23+

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.oz.au
Thu Feb 19 08:59:04 AEST 1998

In article by Bob Lash:
> I wanted to express my gratitude to PUPS, and especially PUPS member Bob
> Armstrong, who transferred a copy of Seventh Edition UNIX onto an RL02
> pack which worked immediately on my PDP-11/23+ ! :)
> Below is a copy of booting instructions that Bob provided for the 11/23+. 
> These worked exactly as billed.
> If anyone needs some spare RL02 incandescent bulbs, I have a few on hand. 
> Also, they are still availabe from Digikey at http://www.digikey.com. The 
> part is a "CM 73" bulb, which is a T1 3/4 14V wedge base type.
> Bob Lash
> bob at wbs.net

Glad to hear that PUPS is of some help. There isn't really any official
membership, though. If anybody joins the mailing list or signs the `I want
a src license' petition, then I count 'em as members :-)

On the source license front, Dion at SCO is still trying to push the legal
section into producing something. I mailed him last week but haven't heard
anything back. I've asked to establish some form of dialogue with the
nay-sayers, to try & address their concerns about a personal src license.

All this for a 20-year old piece of software!

This list tends to be quiet. What did you all get up to over Christmas,
and how are your PDP-11s going?! Did anybody ever get that tape from
George Colouris in England and read its contents?

Cheers all,

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