DEC PRO 350 (PDP-11)

Michael Kraus belfry at
Thu Feb 19 18:33:02 AEST 1998

G'day All...

In my possesion is a Digital Professional 350 machine.

I'm undecided as to try to find a ethernet card for it and use it in my own local
network (it needs a thicknet ethernet card - don't know where to find one for it,
and I'll also need a thicknet to thinnet converter).

Alternatively, I think maybe somebody else may be able to put it to better use (in
which case, I'll happily give it to you if you pick it up - I don't know about the
terminal and printer for it though).  (FYI I'm located in Sydney).

I've been planning to get unix 6 for it for ages, but hasn't eventuated yet.

Anyone who can help, please let me know.

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