Putting that UNIX on hardware

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.oz.au
Mon Feb 23 07:44:14 AEST 1998

In article by Beastly Wolf:
> Hi gang!
> Would it be possible to generate RL02's from an ULTRIX uVAX with dd?
> Like, we have bootable systems for the emulator on file.
> Now suppose I recompile one of my ULTRIXen to recognize RL02 and
> then transfer that emulator UNIX filesystem file to it.
> Using dd I should be able to put the system on an RL02.
> Would that RL02 be bootable in a PDP11 system or do I need to
> put on some sort of boot information on a secret sector of the disk
> to make it bootable?

I'm not a hardware guy, but I can't see any difficulties in doing this.
The RL02 disk images have everything (incl. boot blocks) to get UNIX going.

> IF it is bootable, is it legal to do it?
> If it is legal, is it legal to distribute that RL02 to a third party?

ONLY if the disk contains binaries ONLY. See the disk images that
Bob Supnik distributes with his emulator, and the SCO copyright notice at:


> IF it is possible AND legal I might be able to manufacture some RL02 UNIXen 
> for you out there who got a PDP11 system but lack something to run on it.
> Provided you pay the expense for shipping, of course. =)

Hopefully lots of people will take you up on this, Lars!!


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