Putting that UNIX on hardware

Beastly Wolf beast at lintilla2.df.lth.se
Sun Feb 22 21:29:18 AEST 1998

Hi gang!

Would it be possible to generate RL02's from an ULTRIX uVAX with dd?
Like, we have bootable systems for the emulator on file.
Now suppose I recompile one of my ULTRIXen to recognize RL02 and
then transfer that emulator UNIX filesystem file to it.
Using dd I should be able to put the system on an RL02.
Would that RL02 be bootable in a PDP11 system or do I need to
put on some sort of boot information on a secret sector of the disk
to make it bootable?
IF it is bootable, is it legal to do it?
If it is legal, is it legal to distribute that RL02 to a third party?
IF it is possible AND legal I might be able to manufacture some RL02 UNIXen 
for you out there who got a PDP11 system but lack something to run on it.
Provided you pay the expense for shipping, of course. =)
I got a glassfibre box that can take two RL02 packs and this could perhaps
be used to ship things in...

Comments anyone?

/Lars Persson, HARLOSA PD Computer Center

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