DRAFT of license for ancient UNIX sources

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.oz.au
Wed Feb 25 13:08:53 AEST 1998

In article by Allison J Parent:
> Overall not bad.  The price of $100US is not unresonable assuming the 
> media cost is not out of line.  Still VMS can be had for FREE and media 
> (limited to CDrom only) is $30US.  If the all up price were $100
> including machine readable media that would be something more 
> agreeable.
> What is open is what version would they provide and at what cost for 
> that vversion on media?

I expect that the cost will initially cover NO media. From what Dion
is saying, SCO doesn't even have copies of these systems! I will suggest
to them that, if we can put together a CD-ROM image, perhaps they can
distribute the image with every license.

If not, the license allows us to exchange copies of the systems, provided
we get written authorisation from SCO. The licensing people there are
going to get awfully sick of me asking for written authorisation, otherwise.


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