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I remember seeing this on the mailing list a while ago and wondered what
became of the Sys III (no that it's of any use to me with an 11/34!).
Hope you track down a copy....  I'm still looking for the pre AT&T V5
versions myself ... someone seems to have had a very early version here in
Cambridge UK but I can find out what became of it.  There may have even
been a PDP-7 running unix at one point here.  The CL are hopelessly
disorganised about such stuff -- it goes in the `old junk' category and
unfortunately they love to wipe tapes just in case they contain
proprietary software.  However I now have access to a half inch drive on a
sun (certainly 1600 & 6250 BPI, possibly more useful lower BPI also).  If
anyone in the UK has such tapes I'm most willing to try and read them.


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