Changing passwords with 2.11BSD

Greg Lehey grog at
Wed Feb 25 14:07:04 AEST 1998

I've just installed a 2.11BSD, and I'm having some funny problems.                                                      
Here's one; I'll make a separate message of the other.

I've added a new user with vipw.  When I try to change the password, I
get this:                                                               

login: root                                                        
Last login: Sat Aug  9 02:25:12 on console
2.11 BSD UNIX #7: Fri Aug 8 14:14:34 MET DST
[1] root--> passwd grog                                                
Changing password for grog.
New password:
Retype new password:                                                  
passwd: mkpasswd failed; password unchanged.                              
[2] root-->                                                            

If I run mkpasswd against /etc/master.passwd, it works fine.  But that
way I can't change my password.
Any ideas?                                                                 


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