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Sat Feb 28 05:07:40 AEST 1998

Howdy -

> From: Greg Lehey <grog at>
> I can volunteer for this.  The formats are: QIC-150, DDS, Exabyte 8500
> (8200 if people can tell me how to do it on an 8500), and open reel 1600 bpi.

	Are there any UNIBUS/Qbus controllers that can deal with QIC-150?

	I tried putting a Wangtek 5150ES on a Emulex UC08 and it didn't work
	at all.  The only 'QIC' format I've seen work (and which preserves
	record boundaries) is the TK25 (uses the DC600A tapes).  I can 
	make TK25 tapes.

	I can also make 6250bpi 9-track until the tapedrive wears out (at
	which point I'm unlikely to sink the rather high $$$ to repair/replace
	it - 4mm drives are a lot cheaper ;-)).

> > Each can keep a reserve of distribution media as they wish. I'm
> > hoping the CD-ROM image won't change more than once a year.
> Looking at the number of patches to 2.11BSD alone, I'd say that that's
> a lost hope.  There have been three in the past two months alone.

	You've me to thank for that ;-)

> That's one of the reasons I don't think CD-ROM is the way to go.  WORM
> wouldn't have this deficiency if they were cut on demand.

	I think a CD is a good way to go - it can be used as the 'baseline'.
	The updates to 2.11 are publically available via FTP at either
	FTP.IIPO.GTEGSC.COM or MOE.2BSD.COM.  Once a system is loaded from CD
	then only those patches later than the CD need to be retrieved and

> One thing in that connection: please make sure that any CD-ROM uses
> RockRidge format (UNIX long file names).  It would be a real pain to

	Of course!  There will be .MAP files to assist those systems that
	need help with long filenames or deep directories.

	Steven Schultz

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