More SCO Licenses + Software Tools

Warren Toomey wkt at
Mon Jul 6 13:58:23 AEST 1998

	The following people now have SCO source licenses for ancient Unix:

Bruce Robertson, Erick Delios, Kelwin Wylie, Kirsten McIntyre, Matthew Crosby

That brings the numbering scheme up to AU-50, but in fact there are 52
SCO source licenses for ancient Unix.

The mailing list has been pretty quiet. Hope you're all well. The only
news I have is that Norman Wilson is still slowly scanning in the manuals
from 2nd to 5th Edition. He now has most (all?) of 5th edition scanned in.

I haven't heard from Kirk McKusick, but he's still planning to sell a 4CD
set of all the 4BSD releases from CSRG. The cost is still expected to be
around US$100, but if he gets flooded with requests, this may come down.

Software Tools

I got some mail last week from Deborah Scherrer:
    I was one of the people who created the Software
    Tools project and Software Tools Users Group (Peter Salus
    mentioned us in his book).  If you're interested, you might
    want to include the Software Tools tapes in your collection.

She suggested that I contact Barbera Chase, which I did.
Barbera (bc at then wrote:
    Sorry, we don't actually have any of the files online anymore, nor do we
    have access to a tape drive.  What we have are 9-track tapes, probably in
    1600bpi.  There are three versions of the tools for PDP machines, one for
    RSX-11 and two for "generic" Unix.  I still happen to have several copies
    of each, and will be glad to send them to you.  Just let me know where to
    send them, and if you happen to have a shipping account number that would
    be even better ;-)

I don't know Barbera's geographic location. However, would anybody in the
US be prepared to read these tapes for us, and pass the contents to me for
inclusion in the PUPS Archive??!

Cheers all,


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