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On Monday,  6 July 1998 at 13:58:23 +1000, Warren Toomey wrote:
> Software Tools
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> I got some mail last week from Deborah Scherrer:
>     I was one of the people who created the Software
>     Tools project and Software Tools Users Group (Peter Salus
>     mentioned us in his book).  If you're interested, you might
>     want to include the Software Tools tapes in your collection.
> She suggested that I contact Barbera Chase, which I did.
> Barbera (bc at then wrote:
>     Sorry, we don't actually have any of the files online anymore, nor do we
>     have access to a tape drive.  What we have are 9-track tapes, probably in
>     1600bpi.  There are three versions of the tools for PDP machines, one for
>     RSX-11 and two for "generic" Unix.  I still happen to have several copies
>     of each, and will be glad to send them to you.  Just let me know where to
>     send them, and if you happen to have a shipping account number that would
>     be even better ;-)
> I don't know Barbera's geographic location. However, would anybody in the
> US be prepared to read these tapes for us, and pass the contents to me for
> inclusion in the PUPS Archive??!

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