DEC in the UK and Dilog

Kevin Murrell kevin at
Tue Jul 7 16:20:53 AEST 1998

Can anyone shed any light on a company called Dilog.    Having acquired two Dilog machines they appear to actually both be PDP-11s.    Dilog seemed to have produced DEC compatible hardware for the UK market.   

In particular the smaller machine was known as a Vixen.    This would appear to be a  PDP-11/73 with the DEC M8192 processor card.   Indeed the processor card is the only actual DEC product.    Colleagues that used this machine described it as the portable PDP-11 - however we are not talking laptop here :)

 The 'Vixen' has a Dilog disk controller with a Seagate ST251 attached.    The machine is currently running DSM-11 and recognises the drive as a RA81.

I hope to produce a list relating the Dilog part numbers to original DEC part numbers.

Any help or suggestions gratefully received.

Kevin Murrell
Birmingham, England.

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