Newbie Alert: Which is a ``best'' pdp-11 to look for?????

User Rdkeys Robert D. Keys rdkeys at
Wed Jul 8 01:44:14 AEST 1998

> All,
> 	The following people now have SCO source licenses for ancient Unix:

Neato.... I am beginning to think it might be a fun thing to do.

As the newbie aboard, what pdp-11, vax, or other dec machine would be
one to shoot for.  Some are largish beasts, but for the Joe Homehobby
type that wants to run one in the basement, what would be a reasonable
combination of parts or units (or a whole machine) to look for?

Occasionally machines float up from the bilges here in central NC, USA,
and usually they wind up dumpster fodder.  Rather than see that happen,
if I had a choice, what should I be looking for?  For convenience, if
there was something that would fit in half a relay rack or so, that
might be nice.  Also, if it could run with standard cartridge tapes
(DC300/450/600) sized things, that would be advantageous, since I have
a number of those things and nil reel to reel drives.

> I haven't heard from Kirk McKusick, but he's still planning to sell a 4CD
> set of all the 4BSD releases from CSRG. The cost is still expected to be
> around US$100, but if he gets flooded with requests, this may come down.

That would be something worthwhile to have, just for posterity.

> Software Tools
> --------------
> I don't know Barbera's geographic location. However, would anybody in the
> US be prepared to read these tapes for us, and pass the contents to me for
> inclusion in the PUPS Archive??!

I just checked our folks.... nil reel-to-reel drives anymore..... shucks.
One of the technical high schools has the only one left here in NC.

Bob Keys

p.s.  Are there any USA NC folks on the list, or just me?

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