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Allison J Parent allisonp at world.std.com
Thu Jul 30 02:31:06 AEST 1998

<    Excuse me, sir, but I have to make a point here. They _ARE_ competing

Not an undesireable thing.  May the best win... for the rest of us any 
is better than zero.

<    0. The only higher-than-PDP-11 computers that can be allowed to run U
< are DEC VAXen. I oppose the idea of running UNIX on PeeCees and shit lik
< that.

That is also wrong, as Interdata 8/32, IBM System/370 and Honeywell 6000
are recognized as ports by K&R in their docs!  the latter three systems 
while interesting are not general collectors fare as they tend to be a 
bit large.

Frankly, why not?  Anything that competes with MS is good!
<    1. I consider it the ultimate in blasphemy to attempt to create "UNI
< clones" that people dare to call "Unix" but don't really contain any cod
< written by God Ritchie, God Thompson, or God Kernighan. I never use any
< "free Unices" like FreeBSD and NetBSD. Right now I use Ultrix and SunOS

It was God Bell Labs (nee WE) that K&R worked for that put the odious 
license fees on unix, in 1980 it was a mere $24,000 for the sources which 
were a must have.  People started doing clones to break free of the 
license and distributions that didn't contain sources.  It made possible 
to get on platforms that were unsupported/unsupportable without source 
code or at least for the commercial versions at lower cost to the user.  
Venix for Pro350 is such an example (it's v6 or v7 code!).  I'm not 
saying the clones are good or bad, only born of necessity.  Of course 
they couldn't contain and of said God code due to licenses.

Like all gods their feet are of clay.

Since the goal is to preserve unix and unix like OSs there is no crime,
even if the varients are not direct decendents.  So long as people 
understand the lineage preservation should certainly should proceed.


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