RL02 meets BSD

Tim Shoppa shoppa at alph02.triumf.ca
Mon Mar 2 04:57:46 AEST 1998

> The second system looks like this:
>   A	  B	  C	  D
> 1 CPU-----CPU-----CPU-----CPU
> 2 MEM-----MEM-----MEM-----MEM
> 3 RLV12---RLV12---RLV12---RLV12
> 4 TKQ50---TKQ50   DQNA----DQNA
> 5 SI------SI------SI------SI
> (this used to be a VAX-station II.
> Remember them and cringe!)

Ah, the "RC" aka "restricted configuration" aka "resin-coated" backplane.

The BA23 has a special CD-bus in the first three slots.  Usually it's
not a problem to put a full-height card in the third slot, below
the CPU and memory, but occasionally there are quad-height
cards which actually pay some attention to stuff going on the CD
side of the bus.  Can you try rearranging your cards so that you
have a dual-height card (i.e. the TKQ50 or DEQNA) in slot 3 AB,
you have the 3 CD empty, and the RLV12 in slot 4?  This involves you
giving up either your TKQ50 or DEQNA, but I'm hoping that you can
live without one or the other for a little while.

Also, how are the jumpers/DIPswitches set on the RLV12?  It's possible
to do some weird things by sticking the RLV12 into 16-bit or 18-bit
mode or by having the VEC set to something used by one of your other
cards.  If either of these is the case, regard the fact that the controller
isn't usable as a Good Thing; having a RLV12 in 18-bit mode splatter
data all around low memory isn't fun!

Tim. (shoppa at triumf.ca)

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