Installation of 2.11BSD

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My hardware:
  Mentec M70 with 512kB RAM (that must be enough) which can boot
    from DX DY DL DU DM DB MS MT and has 4 serial ports.
  MSCP/DU-Controller which can boot from DM, DP, DL, DR, MS,
    MT, MU, SY, DU.
  It is connected to a 1.2MB-5.25"-FDD and a MFM-HDD of unknown
    size wich I will get tomorrow. (I have now the dox for my

  To use these 4 serial ports, do I have to set "NKL 4" or are
    these not KL11/DL11s? One of these is the normal console
    unter RT-11.
  Is "NBUF 32" OK for 512kB RAM?
  Should I set UCB_CLIST NO or YES?

  I think there are three possible ways of installing it:

  1) Boot from a RT-11-Floppy and transfer the whole disk with
     The disk will be bigger than 32MB, so this does not work?

  2) Boot from a RT-11-Floppy and transfer the root-fs and the
     swap-partition then boot BSD and transfer somehow the
     usr-data (kermit? write simple program?).
     This sould also install the disklabel.

  3) Boot from a BSD-Floppy, disklabel, mkfs, transfer data
     (kermit? write simple program?).

  The kernel and diskimages will allways be made on an emulator.

  What do you think is the best/easiest way? Or have you a better
  idea? (Make a tape and use the TU58-emulator?)


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