Installation of 2.11BSD (II)

Matthias Bruestle m at
Wed May 6 16:24:49 AEST 1998


I'm using 2.11_rp_unknown[1] an the newest version of the supnik emulator.

When I'm compiling a kernel (with the newest 2.11BSD sources), I get
at the end:

./checksys unix
overlay 6 is empty and there are non-empty overlays following it.
System will occupy 156960 bytes of memory (including buffers and clists).

               end {0052310}          nbuf {0012014}           buf {0033654}
             nproc {0012002}          proc {0042454}         ntext {0012004}
              text {0051350}         nfile {0012010}          file {0047370}
            ninode {0012006}         inode {0012076}      ncallout {0012012}
           callout {0024562}     ucb_clist {0012020}        nclist {0012016}
          ram_size {0000000}       xitdesc {0012074}      quotdesc {0000000}
         namecache {0025242}       _iosize {0010030}
*** Exit 1

then I get very often Bus Errors:

# ./config SONJA
./config: 1041 Bus error - core dumped
Copying standard files to ../SONJA.
./config: 1051 Bus error - core dumped
./config: 1052 Bus error - core dumped
./config: ../SONJA/ioconf.c: cannot create
./config: ../SONJA/param.c: cannot create
Setting configuration options for SONJA.
c./config: ../SONJA/loop.h: cannot create
^C# ^C
# mkdir
Bus error - core dumped
# mkdir X
Bus error - core dumped

I configured the emulator with 1MB RAM. I compiled it with and without

Is this a problem with the distribution, with the emulator or with
the compiler (gcc


endergone Zwiebeltuete

[1] The "distributed" 2.11BSD is not so stable. It is often killing the

insanity inside

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