Installation of 2.11BSD (II)

Matthias Bruestle m at
Thu May 7 02:39:05 AEST 1998


According to Greg Lehey:
> Well, I started an answer, and decided that Steven would be able to
> answer better, but since you mention my name, OK, here I am.
Thanks. :)

> > Is this a problem with the distribution, with the emulator or with
> > the compiler (gcc
> First, the compiler is certainly not gcc.  That would never fit in the
The compiler which compiled the emulator is gcc. Log time ago I compiled
someones emulator with gcc 2.5.8 and it did only work without any

> nor that it's easy to set up.  It took me quite a while.  Take a look
> at the files in  They are:
Fine, I will try it this night or tomorrow.


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