mkfs on an RL02

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In article by Pete Turnbull:
> I'm looking for some advice...
> For the first time in umpteen years, I need to make a bootable 7th Edition
> system disk on an RL02 that previously had some other O/S on it.  This disk
> has to have the swap space, as well.  The machine it will be used on has
> 256K bytes RAM.
> How many blocks should I leave for swap?  Or, to put it another way, what
> magic number pair would people suggest I put in the prototype file for the
> number of blocks and number of inodes?

The best & only answer here is to consult to xxconf file used to generate
the 7th Edition kernel, as this will tell you how much swap to reserve.

Vanilla V7 didn't come with RL02 support, so all I can give you are the
parameters used for the RL02 images I have here with V7:

root rl 0
swap rl 0
swplo 18000
nswap 2480

In other words, the filesystem should be no bigger than 18,000 blocks.
The mkfs manual says:

       If  the  prototype file cannot be opened and its name con-
       sists of a string of digits, mkfs  builds  a  file  system
       with a single empty directory on it.  The size of the file
       system is the value of proto interpreted as a decimal num-
       ber.  The number of i-nodes is calculated as a function of
       the filsystem size.  The boot program is  left  uninitial-

Distribution V7 had roughly 2,600 files & directories. If I had to
set a value, I'd choose 5,000 or so.

Hope this helps,

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