mkfs on an RL02

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Sun May 10 20:02:46 AEST 1998

Hi, Warren.

On May 10, 18:26, Warren Toomey wrote:
> > For the first time in umpteen years, I need to make a bootable 7th
> > Edition system disk on an RL02...

> > How many blocks should I leave for swap?  Or, to put it another way,
> > what magic number pair would people suggest I put in the prototype file
> > for the number of blocks and number of inodes?
> The best & only answer here is to consult to xxconf file used to generate
> the 7th Edition kernel, as this will tell you how much swap to reserve.

I should have thought of that!  Steven told me the same thing last night.

> Vanilla V7 didn't come with RL02 support, so all I can give you are the
> parameters used for the RL02 images I have here with V7:
> rl
> tm
> root rl 0
> swap rl 0
> swplo 18000
> nswap 2480

That looks the same as mine.

> In other words, the filesystem should be no bigger than 18,000 blocks.

I had a look in the superblock on a couple of bootable RL02s, and found

> Distribution V7 had roughly 2,600 files & directories. If I had to
> set a value, I'd choose 5,000 or so.

I knew about using digits for the blocks instead of a proto file, but I
thought it might be safer to specify the number for the inodes.  I tried to
figure it out from the results of icheck but I'm much happier with your

I'll let you know how I get on.  The reason to do this today is two-fold:

    One of my packs is getting flaky, so I want to make a good copy, with
    a clean install (most of mine have lots of localised junk), and

    our department has an Open Day on Wednesday, and I've been coerced
    into running a display of old machines.  The 11T23 is the easiest PDP
    for me to move there.

Thanks for the help!


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