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	>Tahoe was the internal "code" name that Computer Consoles Inc used
	>for their Power 6/32 processor.

	That's useful.  The Tahoe-specific documentation also mentions
	the Harris HCX-7, the Unisys 7000/40, and ICL Clan 7 - were
	these in any way compatible with the Tahoe, or just "other"

	And where does "Reno" come from, while we're at it?

	Tim. (shoppa at

The 4.3-Reno distribution was named after the city of that name
in Nevada. We picked that name because the 4.3-Reno distribution
was an interim release on the way to 4.4BSD and hence was not as
fully polished or tested as our production releases. The idea was to
remind recipients that it was more of a "gamble" to run Reno than
our production releases.

	Kirk McKusick

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