Reno (was Re: What *was* the Tahoe?)

Rick Copeland rickgc at
Tue Nov 24 06:34:05 AEST 1998

At 02:37 PM 11/23/98 -0500, Allison J Parent wrote:
>< U.S. called Tahoe/Reno. The BSD developers probably thought "OK, we alre
>< have Tahoe, let's have Reno too." Reno also probably stands for
>< "renovation", although IMHO sawing the branch you are sitting on is pret
>< damn stupid and certainly doesn't qualify as "renovation".
>Tahoe is Lake Tahoe California, Reno is in Nevada. The connection is 
>the two of the cities are connected by I80, The same road you'd take to 
>get from Boston to Berkeley.  Lake Tahoe is a resort area in the mountains 
>about 50miles (or so) west of Reno. 
>In those cities sawing the branch your sitting on may well be a paying 
>bet or a reason to party.

Well since I live so close to Lake Tahoe and Reno (Sacramento is half way
between Tahoe and Berkeley) I have got to get my two cents in here.  My
guess is that Berkeley is well known as a pro party University and Reno and
Tahoe are the main party spots on the west cost! Sounds right to me!


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