Modified Supnik emulator for the 11

S. Akmentins-Teilors staylor at
Thu Aug 26 00:13:40 AEST 1999

Hi folks.

Having had absolutely no luck getting the Begemot emulator
to work under FreeBSD 4.0-CURRENT, I've been modifying the 
Supnik 2.3d emulator for the pdp-11.

So far, I've replaced the KL11 code with a DL11 driver that
handles four lines.  Additionally, I stole the networked
tty_net driver from the begemot which now provides telnet
access to all four ports.  Additionally, I'm working on a
DZ-11 driver as-we-speak, and will do the DEQNA next.
These four ports work great on the RSTS/E and 2.11 images
I have.

As well, I've tweaked the clock timing to significantly
improve timekeeping for my machine.

Also, I have been modifying an ANSI magtape util package
(ansir/ansiw/survey) to deal with the mt images that the
supnik package produces.  Makes for easy exchange into
RSTS, etc.

Is anyone else out the hacking it up and interested in sharing
any work?

And if anyone has managed to get the Begemot emulator
working on recent FreeBSD-4.0-CURRENT versions, I'd be
grateful if you could share the information and changes with me.

Thanks and regards,
Scott G. Akmentins-Taylor     InterNet: staylor at
MRY Systems			        staylor at
    (Skots Gregorijs Akmentins-Teilors -- just call me "Skots")
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