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> staylor at (S. Akmentins-Teilors) writes:

> > So far, I've replaced the KL11 code with a DL11 driver that
> > handles four lines.  Additionally, I stole the networked
> > tty_net driver from the begemot which now provides telnet
> > access to all four ports.  Additionally, I'm working on a
> > DZ-11 driver as-we-speak, and will do the DEQNA next.
> > These four ports work great on the RSTS/E and 2.11 images
> > I have.
> Really!  So far I have had no luck getting Supnik 2.3 to work with the 
> elfje rl02 images on the PUPS archive.  I've always had to use the
> significantly-hacked-up 2.2 emulator instead.  What did you change
> and/or what disk images are you using?

I've changed nothing at all really as far as 2.11 goes.  Worked just 
dandy even before my hacking.

> I would love to find an arrangement that makes it possible to run an
> emulated 2.11bsd system with large-capacity RP06 images.. that would
> allow one to have around a quarter-gig of disk space. :)

The complexities of begemot, and the relative ease of use of Supnik
was the driving force behind my sticking it out with Supnik.   I figured
I'd make it do what I want, since I could make it work in the first place.
Since I'm into the actual hardware emulation, as well as device drivers,
it is fulfilling my need here until I ever get a real PDP-11 again.

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