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Thu Aug 26 02:16:59 AEST 1999

> > From: staylor at (S. Akmentins-Teilors)
> 	THe other change I had to make was to 'devices.c' to speed up the
> 	clock - it's still not right for a PPro-200 but is better than it
> 	was (the clock was running far too slow, now it's just ~10% too slow).

The same similar tweak on Supnik has me to within seconds on the hour.  They're
all gonna start losing it under load anyways, but that's life when running
an emulator under non-RT ;)

> > And if anyone has managed to get the Begemot emulator
> > working on recent FreeBSD-4.0-CURRENT versions, I'd be
> 	Not FreeBSD but if you're getting bit by the same thing I did earlier
> 	under another BSD that switched from a.out to ELF the changes below
> 	may be useful to you.

Actually, I had resolved issue of linking and the prepended underscores before.  
The compile has always been clean, but the program simply doesn't work.
For example, run with -b from the command line, it returns the shell prompt
almost immediately.  Otherwise, when booting it simply indicates:
	DCOK = 1 asserted
and goes back to the emulator prompt.
That happens regardless of disk image used, etc... I can't effect anything
other than these exhibitions.

Perhaps somewith with access to 4.0-CURRENT, and who has worked with the
code itself could find the time to figured it out? ;)

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