Modified Supnik emulator for the 11

Steven M. Schultz sms at
Thu Aug 26 15:26:27 AEST 1999

Hi -

> From: staylor at (S. Akmentins-Teilors)
> The same similar tweak on Supnik has me to within seconds on the hour. They're
> all gonna start losing it under load anyways, but that's life when running
> an emulator under non-RT ;)

	Actually my problem with the Supnik emulator is that the clock runs
	_very_ fast - the "PDP11" ends up being hours ahead of the real time
	after recompiling a kernel or two.

	p11 on the other hand tends to run slow - tweeking the device.c value
	was aimed at speeding up the clock.  

>Actually,I had resolved issue of linking and the prepended underscores before. 

	With a change to 'geni.c' or by editing the instab.s file?

> For example, run with -b from the command line, it returns the shell prompt
> almost immediately.  Otherwise, when booting it simply indicates:
> 	DCOK = 1 asserted

	Yep - that's what I was seeing until I regenerated the instab.s file
	by running 'geni'.  The emulator would compile and link with a 
	manually edited instab.s file but simply would not run correctly.  

	Since the same RP06 image worked with the Supnik emulator I knew it
	wasn't in the 2.11BSD area.


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