2.11BSD boot looping

Steven M. Schultz sms at moe.2bsd.com
Thu Dec 9 14:11:55 AEST 1999

> From: "Daniel A. Seagraves" <DSEAGRAV at toad.xkl.com>
> [I need to change the bootstrap]
> Okay, someone needs to explain what I should change then, I don't have
> any docs about MSCP.
> [I don't know how to use my mailer]
> Yes, I sent this twice. ^_^

	I received 3 copies :)

	No docs for/about MSCP are required to install the bootblock.  That
	would only be needed if you wanted to write a bootblock and/or

	The documentation you do want to read is the 'disklabel(8)' manpage
	and in particular the "-B" option.

			disklabel -B ra0

	should do what you want.  You can also do it with a 'dd':

	You will need to be at a single user prompt since writes to raw
	disks for which the cooked counterpart is mounted are prohibited
	if the secure level of the system is greater than 0:

			dd if=/mdec/rauboot of=/dev/rra0a

	If, as I seem to recall, you can't boot the disk (image/whatever)
	because the wrong bootblock is present you will have to use the
	'boot' program from a "bootable tape".   This may entail using
	a "toggle in" tape boot (described in the 2.11 setup/installation
	documentation in fairly good detail).   At the boot prompt (':')
	after booting from tape:

			: ra(0,0)unix
			   .... kernel should load, print out the usual
			   .... messages about memory size, etc
			# disklabel -B ra0  (or 'dd ...')

	In essence you're going thru the last part of system installation,
	you don't need to 'mkfs', 'restor', etc because the data is already
	present on the disk.  Just skip all that and use the tape 'boot'
	program to load the kernel and then write the proper bootblock to


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