2.11BSD boot looping

Daniel A. Seagraves DSEAGRAV at toad.xkl.com
Fri Dec 10 07:18:27 AEST 1999

[Snip instructions for installing a bootstrap]

No, I got the installation of the bootstrap just fine.  I was told that
the bootstrap for MSCP disks uses a bug in the UDA50 that some 3rd party
controllers don't exhibit.  (In my case, I have a Viking UDT SCSI controller)

I was saying I needed to know where/how to change the bootstrap (modify the
bootstrap, not use a different one) so that it will work.

I got a pointer at some 3BSD stuff on Minnie, but that code used a boot ROM on
the VAX 750 to get it's job done.

I don't have any MSCP books so I don't know where or how to change the
bootstrap to make it work on my machine.


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