Installing UNIX on an 11/94

Tim Shoppa SHOPPA at
Wed Dec 15 07:55:41 AEST 1999

>> From arno at Mon Dec 13 23:28:32 1999
>> The '94 is way cool! I'm amazed at the extensive menu-based boot ROM in 

>	Yep - I have seen that on the 11/93 at my place.  Nice.  Having the
>	"toyclock" to get the date/time from is real good too.

As long as you've updated to the Y2K-compliant KDJ11-E firmware, that is.

The "old" firmware will do fine up until the end of 28-Feb-2000, when it
will promptly wrap back around to 1990.  You can use 2.11BSD 'toyset'
(or the RSX-11 or RT-11 equivalent) to set the TOY clock after that date,
but at power on it'll reset back to 1990.

See the discussions in vmsnet.pdp-11 earlier this year for the ordering
code and cost (I think it's around $25.00) for the new 11/93 and 11/94

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