Installing UNIX on an 11/94

Arno Griffioen arno at
Thu Dec 16 19:42:34 AEST 1999

> The "old" firmware will do fine up until the end of 28-Feb-2000, when it
> will promptly wrap back around to 1990.  You can use 2.11BSD 'toyset'
> (or the RSX-11 or RT-11 equivalent) to set the TOY clock after that date,
> but at power on it'll reset back to 1990.

No prob.. If I get a SLIP link up and running I'll just suck down the right
date from an NTP server on my net which is synchronized to a radio clock.

Heck, I could just hook up a clock receiver to the machine directly! 

I hardly ever bother to set hardware clocks in my machines anymore. The
batteries in my VAX for the clock and stuff ran out quite a while ago, but 
no problem either..

> See the discussions in vmsnet.pdp-11 earlier this year for the ordering
> code and cost (I think it's around $25.00) for the new 11/93 and 11/94
> firmware.

Any idea about version numbers I could check? This machine was used until 
pretty recently in a production environment and maintained pretty 
well on the hardware/firmware level. I don't think it was decomissioned
because of Y2K, but because they were told that they could provide a 'better' 
service with a Micro$oft solution. 

Last thing I heard is that the new solution is sorta falling apart all over
the place.. Not surprising to me, but they're not getting this machine back! :-)

							Bye, Arno.

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