Installing UNIX on an 11/94

Johnny Billquist bqt at Update.UU.SE
Sat Dec 18 02:10:25 AEST 1999

On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, Steven M. Schultz wrote:

> > From: Arno Griffioen <arno at>
> > 
> > OK.. Biggie here is that this machine doesn't have a tape drive, just
> > 2 RA92 drives. It used to have a TU81, but it seems to have been junked
> 	Congratulations on getting a /94 with RA92 drives!   Condolences
> 	on the tape drive being junked.

Agree. I'd like to get my hands on a /94 myself... :-)

> > No ethernet card either.. (anybody know where to get a DEUNA cheap??)
> 	In the US there are many places which sell used DEC equipment but
> 	I do not know of any in the Netherlands.  If at all possible get
> 	a DELUA insetad  - less power hungry and fewer bugs.

Less powerhungry, yes. It also takes less space on the Unibus, and is
faster. But I wasn't aware that the DEUNA had any more bugs than the
DELUA. Please enlight me. (I only use DELUAs myself, but I have one or two
DEUNAs lying around).


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